Meet​ ​Vicky

My day used to start with my alarm going off at 4:30 a little while ago. Now it is​ ​5:00​ ​AM​ ​every day since PedalBeat changed their first class and I get to sleep a little longer 🙂 But getting up early has never been a problem. I am an early person.

So 6​ ​AM​ I start my first session. After a 45 min intense spin session with a few regular members who attend my session, I take a break.

And to my second session at 7:30​ ​AM​ ​ and another session at 9:30​ ​AM​ ​on alternate days At 11​ ​AM​ I do a Spin easy session for beginners on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It is basically for people who just started working out and endurance is low. I plan my sessions every day based on the type of member I get in class. High Intensity, Quads, Glutes. I take the help of Heart rate monitors to understand every individual’s limit and help them with their workout based on their capacity. I have many regulars who choose to come to my sessions as they enjoy it.

Around 12:30​ PM, I get back home have Brunch/Lunch and crash for some time. 2​ ​PM​: I get together with a partner where I work on Digital Marketing for companies in Bangalore as a freelance Digital Marketing executive. I am also into Photography, I collaborate with certain agencies and do few product photo shoots for them once a week. I have a Canon 5d Mark iii which I love. I also like to shoot candid pictures.

6​ ​PM​: I am obsessed with Music. I love Eric Clapton, David Gilmour, Jimmy Page, Jimmy Hendrix, Lana Del Ray, Kenny Rogers, Neil Young etc etc…I have a Grenada Acoustic Guitar and a Fender Mexican Stratocaster Electric guitar. I recently acquired a Dotara. It is an instrument used in various genre of folk music in Bengal ( As you can see very much into string instruments :P) I also play the drums occasionally. I used to have a drumkit as a kid. I get together with my friends in the evening and we jam most of the time at my friend’s place. The place also has a snooker table, so we make sure we have a little time for snooker as well 8:30​ ​PM:​ ​I​ get back home. Have dinner. Watch a little bit of TV. Politics and sports are something I follow.

10​ ​PM​ ​-​ ​12​ ​PM​ (once a week): I and my friends book a play arena once a week for a friendly football match. And then I sleep, for about 5 hours and the cycle continues …