Spinning at PedalBeat


  • Fun group cardio exercise sessions at specific times
  • Curated to music and led by a certified instructor
  • Low-impact and suitable for anyone above 15 yrs
  • Strengthens heart, core and lower body
  • 45 min sessions – ideal for today‚Äôs busy lifestyles
  • Burn 400-600 calories per session
  • Live heart rate monitoring for instant and honest feedback on effort
  • Every session is different – climb hills, sprint, hover or run

Membership Package Options:

  • Month
  • Quarter
  • Half Year
  • Annual

General Membership Rules:

  • Regular Spinning membership entitles you to attend any number of sessions in the membership duration
  • Complete flexibility in session timings – can attend any available session
  • You can start your membership any time – not just from the beginning of a month