Michael is an ardent fitness enthusiast for over 8 years now! Running, cycling, spinning, powerlifting, callisthenics, body building, name it – and he has done it all! Not just that, Michael is also has a master’s degree in Project management and loves to cook!

Favorite quote: “When life gives you Lemons, make Lemonade!”

PedalBeat Certified Instructor



A passionate fitness instructor, Nutritionist, spin bike instructor and a model by profession. He believes a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. Things to watch out for High levels of energy and super intense workouts! Not to mention his funky hair.

Favorite quote: “Eat Clean Stay Healthy”

PedalBeat Certified Instructor



Vijayabhaskar [Vicky]

Loves Photography, travel and enjoys music. A drummer and loves playing a little bit of guitar. Foodie by nature, but also believes in working hard to stay fit. Runner and a Cyclist and has completed the SUPER RANDONNEURing process and is very much into endurance training.

PedalBeat Certified Instructor


A young and passionate fitness trainer, certified Kettlebell and indoor Spinning™ Instructor. He currently helps train people with special needs. His hobbies include doing extreme adventure sports and beatboxing his way through any song.

Favorite quote: “Your limits are for you to break!”

PedalBeat Certified Instructor


Keerthana absolutely loves fitness and is passionate about long distance running. She also rides her bicycle outdoors and other sports which she is enthusiastic about.


Favorite quote: “A good workout can make things a lot better”

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Mownicaa’s hobby, sport, workout and commute is cycling and she absolutely loves it.  


Favorite quote: “Kill haters with success and bury them with smile”

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A bag of flesh and bones with the soul of a wanderer and an adventure seeker who is keen on creating memories to cherish.  

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Lokesh is an avid outdoor cyclist. He has completed Iron Man 70.3, a full marathon, the BRM 200 and the BRM 300. He plays Pingpong & cricket.  

Favorite quote: “Your Body Can Do Anything; It’s Your Brain You Have To Convince.

PedalBeat Certified Instructor